A Home for Game Devs and a Community of Studios

2016 - Ongoing Negotiations
2017 - Project Launch
2018 - Growing Community
2019 - Full Potential

An Entire Building

Helsinki Games Factory is a new home for game devs and a community of studios, launching in 2017.

Up to 6.000 m2 in downtown Helsinki for studios, co-work spaces, a gaming lounge, a themed cafe and a brewery.

Know How

A place for sharing knowledge and expertise as part of a larger network of such hubs.

We aim to become a pipeline connecting universities, new players and the gaming industry.


This will be the place to meet other game devs, to find partners for your next project, to showcase and launch your next game.

It also doesn’t hurt that 1/3 of the all Finnish venture capital is just sitting across the yard.


From the cool pool table and collection of arcade machines and board game library, to the truly useful Sound and VR studios, a collection of testing devices and shared services.


It’s down to the final political push
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