Winter 2018 - Building momentum and establishing partnerships
Spring 2018 - Project launch
Summer 2018 - Building the community
2019 - Internationalization

“Embassy” and Showroom

Helsinki is missing a lighthouse, a physical location that foreign investors can visit, a showcase to attract international talents. A working embassy that can help new companies setup and invite multinational studios to come to Finland.

In collaboration with industry associations this is part of a nation wide project that aims to interconnect several ongoing initiatives and game clusters.

Games as a cultural export

With Games effectively being the current greatest cultural export of Finland it is time to establish a version of “Visit Finland” for Finnish Games which aims to actively promote the industry as a whole, to communicate with international media and both gamer and non-gamer audiences.

This is a move than can benefit existing existing and new studios alike. It can help reach more players and facilitate the internationalisation of already established studios.

Ultimately it promotes Finland as brand, it won’t be Hollywood or Silicon Valley, it will be different and it can be big.

Educational pipeline

There are nearly 30 institutions providing Games Education and an ever growing demand for skilled game developers.

We want to formalize cooperation and create an interface between the Finnish games industry and educational institutions, aiming to improve the quality and quantity of the Game Studies programs.

Have protocols in place so that Institutions can easily request local clusters and Game Studios to provide programme advisory, guest lecturers, supervisors, internship programs, master classes, summer courses, visiting experts and even real world projects to work on as well as grants for young talents.

A Community of Studios

More than just shared offices, Games Factory is built upon and supported by a self organizing community of game studios with shared interests and a shared culture.

Requiring public funding for the initial setup and development phase, it aims to become a self sustaining business within 3 years, having already gathered more potential studios than can fit into a single building.

Through common infrastructure, business intelligence, experts, services, consulting, a thriving and unique work culture, we will change the fate of dozens of game studios for the better in both business and quality of work life.

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